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2010 Census Training


The U.S. Census Bureau conducted the largest non-military government initiative to date, the Decennial Census.  Some 6,500 temporary new hires needed to be trained to take in and process millions of the paper Census forms for the 2010 Census in two data centers in Phoenix and Baltimore. The training had to be accomplished in a small window of time.


TDP staffed and managed training managers, and 24 trainers in multiple locations. TDP created and delivered 35 courses in human resources, management, administration, and operations in 75 days. Within four months, TDP filled more than 180,000 seats, and over the next 18 months provided refresher courses for new hires. TDP also created an online  toolkit and delivered job search training to help transition the temporary employees back into the workforce and offered one-on-one counseling.


Of the 6,500 workers trained, 100 percent of them received the skills needed for certification to perform their job. The training received a 4.5 out of 5 rating from those that participated in the testing. At the conclusion of this project TDP received the Census 2010 Medallion from the U.S. Census bureau in recognition of its training and management excellence on this project that resulted in the processing of millions of paper census forms at these data centers.