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Surveyor Satellite Broadcast Training

For more than ten years, TDP has supported the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on a number of initiatives, from identifying new and relevant skill-building topics and technologies to developing classroom training and building their curriculum. Here are a few case studies from their years of collaboration.


Over 6,000 surveyors dispersed across the United States require ongoing training to stay abreast of current regulations and best practices to conduct regulatory reviews of health care facilities nationwide.


TDP created ongoing training programs for more than 6,000 health care professionals and nurse surveyors. The goal was to successfully train surveyors to conduct surveys with accurate documentation and outcomes that they could legally defend, as well as to provide the latest updates on regulatory issues, and trends in eldercare. In award-winning monthly satellite broadcasts, TDP provided an informative training program to reach a large, dispersed audience. TDP engaged subject matter experts to produce the video. With scriptwriters, editors, videographers, and talent, TDP created vignettes that engaged and aided learning.


The training solution created increased the knowledge and confidence level of thousands of health care professionals and nurse surveyors. Other nursing and health care professionals have also used the video series, finding it helpful for their own professional development. TDP has received numerous Telly Awards for excellence in video-based instruction.