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Mentor-Protege Program


Federal agencies have a large number of senior leaders eligible to retire in the next few years. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recognized the need to develop a diverse group of well-informed candidates to step into key leadership roles.


TDP partnered with FHWA to design and manage a nationwide mentorship program that brings together nominated candidates and matches them with the best qualified mentors. A negotiated contract was developed to meet leadership development goals. The Leadership Practices Inventory was used to gather 360 Degree feedback to help identify areas for improvement. The six-month program started and ended with a two-day workshop and was supported by monthly webinars and coaching support led by TDP.


Protégés evaluated the program with a 3.8 out of 4 as adding significant value to their present leadership performance as well as their knowledge of organizational challenges. Mentors reported a 3.4 out of 4, evaluating the training as an effective use of their time. Two of the protégés were promoted while still participating in the program.